Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i recently finished a few new things that i added to my shop. A few friends and family insisted me to do these lovely rosary sets for the car.I actually love making them. I use swarovski crystals in all different colors.I tied a ribbon on them for easy hanging. Here are a few


  1. He there,
    I stil cabt follow your blog but i can leave a coment:-). You have a very nice blog. I defenently come back from time tll time.

  2. Wilma, I am so glad that you come by to visit and are able to leave a comment.I am still trying to figure this all out .I did not realize I do not have a follow button.I am trying to figure how to add one.Once i figure every thing out, I know I will have to clean up my blog and make every thing understandable.But thank you for coming by.Love to chat with you in the rooms.