Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"My Daily 5"

Here is a picture of my son and his wife. And yes thats me with the shades on.The reason why I wanted to put this picture up was, so you have a face to go with while you read my Daily 5. This picture was taken about 5 years ago. I usually do not like taking pictures. But I have to realize they are memories for my kids.So I need to start taking more memories soon..

Daily 5

56. Use your wit to amuse, not abuse
57. Remember that all news is biased
58. Take a photography course
59. Let people pull in front of you when you're stopped in traffic
60. Support a High School band


  1. I always put off having my picture taken, which is dumb, because if I think I'm going to look better 10 years from now......! You and your son look very happy!

  2. Lori,
    You should really take many pictures,they are our memories. I love looking back at old photos.I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2001,she didn't like to take pictures of herself either, so I only have a few ,but i cherish each one.I wish I had more of them.Then I lost my brother to a motorcycle accident,wish I had more of him also, so I am starting to think, I really should take more pictures!!!!

  3. I agree. Memories are precious and priceless. :) Nothing beats a good memory, especially of your loved ones.

  4. So True Chyrl, Keep making the wonderful items in your shop!!

  5. I like #59...I'm going to try to do it more often : )

  6. Kate ,Just be careful when doing so..I'm so glad I can bring a little bit of positiveness to my friends!!

  7. I just recieved the bracelet--and I absolutely LOVE it! It fits perfectly--the chocolate metallic beads are fabulous, and the crystal bead in the center is just the right touch. Love the tags, too--thank you so much!!! :)

  8. Lori, I'm so happy you Love your bracelet! That means so much.I'm glad it fit!I'm really happy it went to a good home.

  9. I am a photographer. Always take lots of pictures of people and things that make you happy. It's an easy pick me up.