Saturday, March 28, 2009

starting something new

I just love the look of these bags! I went on over to 44th street fabrics and purchased a pattern. I also get a free fat quarter with the order!
I do not sew that often, my last project I did in high school Yikes! But I always love to try something new. I think these would be great for summer trips to the beach, a day at the park, you can stash any thing you want in them , so if they come out the way I hope they will, I will be adding them to my shop. Wish me luck! Have a great week end , and remember today is Earth Hour, at 8:30 pm shut your lights off .Lets all take part in a good thing...


  1. A real fabric store! Is it in New York, we have one here in Lakewood, that I try to avoid because I always leave with an empty wallet, but such amazing fabrics. Love the bags. Did you make them.

  2. Good luck, you have to post pics of your finished bags!!(when they are finished of course!)

  3. ellen this was a store on etsy! I just fell in love with these. once I get the pattern i will make them.
    Thanks for wishing me luck! TheClayMuse!! and yes i will take pictuers, hopefully they come out ok. :)

  4. those pocketbooks are beautiful -LOVE the
    pink one- I think they'll be a hit!

  5. The second annual Earth hour has come and gone. Let's hope 2009 is the year that we really start improving things on our planet, not just for an hour, but for future centuries.

  6. I bet they'll turn out beautifully!
    I really like the design of the bag as well.
    They would be perfect for a day at the beach, the park, or just taking along on shopping excursions. :D