Saturday, May 16, 2009

New York City with my sons

Here is a photo of my boys! on the left is my son Anthony and on the right is my son David.This picture is taken by the Hudson river with back ground of New York.My sons took me to Dinner (belated Mother;s Day gift) at P.F Changs, as we looked over the sky line i said "how pretty" New York is right there! my youngest son (on the left) said lets go!!! so off we went, we took the ferry, free parking at P.F Changs, ferry ride 16 bucks! each not bad then when we got to the other side there is a free bus ride! so we took that to M&M Factory.. I will show more pictures... I said what a nice gift! the whole package, they out did last year! my Anthony said , well next year is Paris!!! lol I can't wait! he was jking me i know but just the thought! how sweet..


  1. very cool :) I'm spoiled, I have a PF Changs only about 10 minutes from me in Marlton hehehe. I don't think I'd manage if I had to go to NYC for one!

  2. Sounds like a very fun time. Tell the boys you would love Paris - maybe you will end up going!