Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vintage Buttons From old New York Garment center in Soho

Here is a picture of my grandmother (back row to the right) with her four sisters .My Aunt Helen also my God-Mother (bottom row on the right) Used to work at the old Gimbels in the fabric department. I can remember going there with my mom to buy fabric for the clothes she would make for me.Those were the days when wearing pant suits ,dresses,hats,aprons, where all the rage.Never ever wore jeans or pajamas out side the house! You can find these buttons in my shop. I have a large amount that i sorted and will be listing them in groups . Come back often to see the batch I list!!!


  1. fab buttons -love the pic of your grandmother and her sisters.

  2. Thank you Karen . I love old photos! Great memories!!

  3. I love old photos. They somehow talk across the decades.